Norma Quinonez


 “Where homestyle flavors and aromas transport you to your grandma’s table.”

Norma Quinones was born in Durango, Mexico and raised in San Francisco, California. She inherited her love for cooking from her family visits back to Durango as a young girl. Norma was inspired by watching her mother and grandmother make cheese, chorizo, bread, flour tortillas (on an old-fashioned comal) and salsa from scratch on her grandmother’s farm in Santiago Papasquiaro. Amongst her fondest memories were helping make the traditional stew that filled gorditas and burritos—emblematic of the Durango region. Her traditional homestyle recipes are a part of her heritage, passed down from her mother, her grandmother, and generations before her.  Norma’s wish is to share her family’s legacy and bring the traditions of Durangan cuisine to the Bay Area.