Matthew Driscoll

Matt first learned his passion for pizza making 20 years ago and has been an active pizzaiolo for 15 years in Santa Cruz, CA. He’s also been doing dough acrobatics since 2010, when he competed in the World Pizza Games for the first time. He’s worked for Pizza My Heart and was the head pizzaiolo in the Northern California region for Whole Foods Market, which sent him to compete at the World Pizza Games and International Pizza Challenge from 2010-2015. When not making pizza he’s running his independent record label called S.A.F. Records and also showcasing his pizza skills on his Instagram page, -The Pizza Series-.


“I’m very excited to be apart of the ITK program and get my concept off the ground and make it become a reality. I hope to gain the knowledge and tools needed to run a successful pizza truck. It’s been a dream of mine for many years to run my own pizza business. So happy that the Instrucktional program exist and gives young entrepreneurs like myself a chance to make their dreams come true.”