Program Overview:

Instrucktional is an incubator program where aspiring mobile food entrepreneurs can learn the necessary skills to bring their businesses from concept to successful launch. With a combination of on the job skill-building, mentorship, management training, and tailored coursework, the Instrucktional program is a paid internship where motivated self-starters can develop their concepts in a challenging, yet low risk environment. Business models are tested for both market appeal and operational feasibility. Progress through the program is based on defined milestones and key learnings, with a variable program length of up to 24 months, dependent on prior experience and entrepreneurial hustle through the curriculum. Graduates complete the program with a fully developed business plan, tested recipes, visual branding collateral, and real-world experience operating their concept at Off The Grid catering clients and public-facing markets.

How much time will participants need to devote to this program?

Being in the program is a full-time job. Entrepreneurs are actively scheduled for approximately 50 hours a week, and should allow an additional 10 hours per week to keep up with off-site administrative work on their concepts.

How much does it cost to enroll?

There is no cost to enroll in the program. Although entrepreneurs are fully responsible for funding their businesses after graduation, all costs are covered during their tenure in the program. once accepted into the program, participants will be offered competitive compensation.

What kind of experience does an applicant need?

We ask that applicants have a passionate concept with a willingness to learn and adapt. 2-3 years culinary experience, line cook equivalent.

What is the application process?

The first step is to submit an application on this website. After review, we will invite you to an in-person interview followed by a tour of one of our google sites. The next step is for you to come in and do a tasting for us. You can expect to hear back within a week of sending in an application, but the full process will generally take around two months.

So I get to launch my own food truck concept?

After you have finish with the incubation period, consisting of concept, recipe, and brand development, you will launch a food truck concept on the Google campus.

Do I get the truck at the end?

No, you won’t be given the physical truck, but you do get the rights to your business name, logo, and branding, along with a customized business and financial plan.

How would my time be allocated within the two years?

Once accepted into Instrucktional, you will go through a 3-4 months of kitchen and on truck training. Followed by developing branding your concept. After you have completed a solid business plan, you will launch and run your concept for the remaining time in the program. While running your concept you will be eligible for open market events as well as testing your concept at Fort Mason Center.

Am I committed to the entirety of the program? What happens if I cannot finish the program before the 24 months are over?

Yes, we ask that you complete the entire two year program. This is something we stress early on in the interview process because it’s important that everyone benefits from the full experience. If an entrepreneur is unable to achieve the program’s developmental goals in the time allotted, we may determine that Instrucktional is no longer a fit for them.

Where does this program take place? / Where do I need to be geographically to participate?

This position will take place over a large geographical area, which currently includes San Francisco, Hayward, and Mountain View. You must be willing to travel and have reliable transportation to each of these locations.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Info@Instrucktional.com